iFind is a sophisticated Media Management solution which provides the user with the ability to manage the essential elements of a complete broadcast server, graphics and archive system from a web browser.

Powerful search, workflow and management functionality is available and can be tailored to a station’s individual requirements in order to maintain a smooth day to day operation and to reduce the media management overhead, bringing a fast return on investment.

The system’s iFind Asset Core is the powerful Database which underpins the media asset management system providing flexible, user configurable metadata schemas. In addition, sophisticated business rules based and process driven workflows enable essential functions such as archiving, restore from archive, clip movement, transcode and deletion.

A vital element of any media management system is the acquisition of media from external sources and iFind MAM provides that functionality.  Giving control of tape machines, line feeds and file transfer processes iAcquire provides integrated support for ingest of media and metadata to the iFind database.
Full browse proxy support allows desktop media management with the ability to create ‘Points of Interest’ and to enhance the metadata held with media as it is created or later in the News, Sports and fast turnaround production processes. The system also generates EDLs for export to third party editing platforms such as those from Avid, Adobe, Quantel and FCP.