3DReplay creates an extremely accurate 3D model of an event, allowing it to be viewed from any angle, helping the viewers and the commentator judge if the call made by the referee was right or wrong.

Enhance your pre game and post game shows

Pre and post game shows are crucial to sport broadcasters’ revenue streams: 3DReplay is the perfect tool to analyze the team’s past plays, explain the tactics, examine the team’s formation, and present the game highlights in captivating 3D models, immediately as the game ends.


 Televisa, Mexico


Simple and efficient workflow

How does 3DReplay actually work? The frame of the critical moment is frozen and the 2D flat video frame slowly fades out into a fascinating 3D graphic model. The original camera view point gradually changes and a new virtual camera path is created, looking for the most relevant perspective; the referee’s view point, the linesmen's, the goalkeeper's, the striker's or even a top view for a complete tactical view.

Based on the powerful performance of the HDVG+ video rendering platform and sophisticated image processing camera tracking technologies, 3DReplay can reconstruct events within a matter of minutes into 3D models with smooth camera fly-throughs and stunning video game like quality graphics, which is ideal for attracting new audiences.

Operating 3DReplay is extremely simple and quick. In a matter of minutes a 3DReplay clip can be readied to go on air providing near real-time replay capabilities suitable for both half time reports, post game analysis and highlight shows. The operator selects and grabs the frame representing the play to be analyzed; the frame is converted into a graphic representation of the stadium, players, referees and the ball. By simply marking the key frame, a new virtual camera path is created which enables the viewer to see the play from unconventional angels. Offside lines can be drawn, ball speed can be measured, and tactical analysis of the event can be provided.
An extensive library of players' preferences such as jerseys, height, bone animations, skin colour, hair style, and much more is available, ensuring that the reproduction of the play is as realistic as possible.



  Polsat, Poland


3DReplay opens new revenue streams for broadcasters and rights holders. 3DReplay can be branded as a perfect sponsorship segment and virtual billboards can be placed within the virtual stadium, increasing the ROI of the system.
3DReplay can also be used with all types of platforms to generate new revenue streams including television, the web and cellular phones.

3DReplay is an HD/SD compatible system, and is perfect for OB operations. Only a single operator is required.