Based on infrared tracking, Xync offers free movement within the studio including dolly, crane and handheld, providing a perfect solution for dynamic and sophisticated virtual studio and augmented reality productions. 

The Xync system allows 7 degrees of camera motion, including the X, Y, Z position of the camera as well as pan, tilt, zoom and focus. The X, Y and Z position of each of the studio cameras is determined in real-time based on tracking infrared-sensitive targets that are mounted on to the studio’s cameras. In the case of pedestal cameras, a ring type of target is used, while a special lightweight star target is mounted onto handheld or crane cameras, both allowing free camera movement. The targets are tracked by an array of fixed surveillance cameras attached to studio walls, ceiling or lighting grid. These cameras are sensitive to IR light and can detect the X, Y and Z position of the targets as well as the pan, tilt and roll. Additionally, special sensors constantly extract the zoom and focus information from the lens. As a scaleable system, Xync can be used with an unlimited number of studio cameras. 


 Xync Demo

Tracking information from all the camera parameters is gathered into the Xync Main Unit, which, using a series of sophisticated algorithms, analyzes the data, determines the value of each variable and feeds the tracking data to  Orad’s ProSet and RealSet  systems in real-time. The Xync also offers a minimal of 2 frames delay.  

Xync can now transfer tracking data to both serial and UDP 


  KeyWall, Belgium