On line seminar catalogue

We are now offering a series of on line seminars covering: 

  • New product developments
  • Products highlights and spotlights
  • Case studies 
  • Training and Q&A with product experts, and more

The seminars, which are on average 60 minutes long, will be presented by an Orad product specialist. For the seminars, we will use Adobe Connect, a web conferencing system that provides a cross-platform, browser-based solution for remote instruction, collaboration and communication.

The seminars consist of an audio-visual demo, application sharing with the opportunity for you to interact directly with product specialists, ask questions, request information, and submit suggestions. 

There is no need for any installation on your part just a browser and a headphones /speakers. You can also connect using your smartphone (iPhone/Android) using a free app.  

Selected seminars will be recoded and will become seminars on-demand which you can view on our website at any time. 
If there is a topic you would like to recommend, please feel free to contact us at connect@orad.tv

Please click on any of the seminars from the list below for more information and to enrole.



If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

Test your connection: http://oradtv.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm 

Get a quick overview: http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html



  • Ingest


    The ingest of content is a critical part of any workflow – the way in which it arrives, the means by which it is recorded and when and how it can be accessed. If this part of a system design is not carefully planned it can impact of the rest of the operation, and the business.
    Join us on Nov. 12th, when Mike Shaw and Eyal Stessel will explain the different ways in which content can be ingested and look at the key elements of system design to ensure your system works the way you need it to.

  • Virtual Studio in a Box

    Virtual Studio in a Box

    Orad has recently developed a new concept in virtual studio productions - the Virtual Studio in a Box. Virtual Studio in a Box is a turnkey multi camera virtual studio production system which consolidates all production elements, including virtual studio, switcher, on air graphics, chromakey, video delay, video server control, and  newsroom integration. The entire Virtual Studio in a Box production can be controlled by a single operator from a single user interface.

  • Flowgic


     Today’s production environment is packed with multiple devices and databases that needs to be glued together in order to achieve an efficient production workflow. Flowgic is the glue. It provides a framework that enables users to establish logical relations between different devices and databases to suit the desired workflow, in a quick an intuitive manner.


  • Morpho 3.0

    Morpho 3.0

    Morpho, Orad’s smart 3D character generator, offers easy to use operation and infrastructure. Creation and playout are performed from a single interface, increasing production efficiency. Morpho follows the classic approach to character generators and can be used in a wide range of domains such as: news, studio productions, sports, and more.

  • Social Media Hub

    Social Media Hub

    Social Media Hub increases viewer engagement by enabling the audience’s interaction directly with the broadcast via popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Media Hub helps broadcasters collect, filter, and distribute user generated social media content alongside programming.

  • PowerWall


    High resolution graphic and video content to video walls.

    • Unprecedented resolution
    • Unrivalled capabilities using the HDVG4
    • Single unit - 8 output Genlocked 3G or 16 HD SDI
  • File Based Workflows

    File Based Workflows

    File based solutions for news, sports, production and archive

    • Ingest
    • Editing
    • Playout


  • 3Designer 3.10

    3Designer 3.10


    • Text Animation Effects and Emoticons
    • Countdown Clock
    • Improved Transformation modifier
    • Value Trigger
    • Preview Window Enhancements
    • Tracking from File
    • Material Shaders
    • Physics and Constraints


  • HDVG4 graphics rendering platform

    HDVG4 graphics rendering platform


    • Ultra HD (16K) output from a single box
    • Cross formant inputs and outputs
    • IP & SDI outputs
    • 1080P support
    • Up to 16 live HD inputs
    • And more



  • PlayMaker Server

    PlayMaker Server

    Next generation of replay servers

    • PlayMaker offering
    • PlayMakers features & workflow
    • Case studies