TrackVision is Orad's patented sports graphics enhancement tool that uses revolutionarily tracking technology to superimpose virtual graphics over the playing field. The overlaid graphics remain tied to their exact position regardless of camera motion.

Superimposed virtual enhancements

TrackVision has two modes of operation - live and replay. Switching between modes is instantaneous. During live operations, TrackVision can draw a 9 meter distance indicator for free kick events, as well as precisely measure and display the distance to goal. Additionally team flags or logos can be superimposed and the score can be displayed. While working in replay mode, TrackVision offers the unique capability of overlaying dynamic offside lines, and measuring the speed of the ball.



 Canal+, France 

Dynamic offside lines 

Offside calls are undoubtedly the most important enhancement feature to be used during football games. With TrackVision, offside lines are instantly drawn helping the viewer and commentators decide whether the referee was right or wrong.

The offside enhancement offers the option of drawing two lines; one on the last line of defense and the other on the offense player, thereby providing a graphic representation of the offside distance. Furthermore, Trackvision can highlight the players that passed the ball, and can measure the depth of the offside.

Advanced sponsorship options

TrackVision offers the ability to easily sponsor all enhancements using a simple and intuitive user interface. Each enhancement feature can be superimposed with a graphic logo, thereby whenever one of the enhancements is shown on-air, the sponsor’s logo will be shown as well, generating new revenue streams for every broadcast.

State of the art technology

Relying on Orad’s sensor-free tracking technology, TrackVision provides perfect results regardless of venue, camera positions and angles, and weather conditions. By monitoring the video feed, TrackVision analyzes the live signal and extracts with precise accuracy the tracking information, negating the need for any physical installation on the camera.

Static or animated drawings

TrackVision users can chose to draw the offside lines, the 9 meter circle, the team logos, and the distance textbox using static textures or animated clips, to create an even stronger effect.

Fast and simple operation

Operating TrackVision is extremely fast and simple. With TrackVision, enhanced graphics can be displayed from the main camera as well as from each of the two 16 meter cameras, which provides a perfect angle for drawing the offside lines.
When using the system, an operator can be ready with a drawn offside line within seconds of the call being made, making it ready for the first replay of the action. TrackVision interfaces with all common slow motion video servers in the OB Van, with graphics being overlaid during the replay regardless of the speed of the replay playback.

TrackVision can be delivered with PlayMaker, Orad’s slow motion replay server, built for fast and high quality replay, with a "pause on cue" option that ensures that the video will automatically and accurately stop on the actual frame of the offside.

TrackVision comes with an embedded chroma keyer that allows the graphics to be perfectly displayed on the pitch even in difficult lighting conditions. Working with TrackVision means minimal setup and calibration time, so in the span of few minutes the system is ready to use. This is particularly important in live production where preparation time may be limited.