WorldMapper Product Information

Everyone is faced with a daily supply of information. The WorldMapper is able to transform daily news in the easiest way into exciting video sequences in or¬der to catch the attention of the viewer. The story is created out of impressive flights over high resolution satellite maps from Microsoft Bing Maps completed by text, image, route, magnifier and other objects on top. All objects can be animated in several easy ways which allows the user to quickly create a highly attractive story. The created video clip gives the viewer the feeling of experiencing the story live.

Fast and easy geo visualization

WorldMapper allows a quick and up to date geo-visualization of stories by using high quality satellite maps from Microsoft Bing Maps. Whether one wants to focus the interest the audience in advance to a sport¬ing event, or wishes to report after an accident -with the WorldMapper one can depict these events in an extraordinary way. Images, text and other graphics elements can be placed and animated in attractive ways on the Microsoft Bing Maps with the help of the WorldMapper. It is possible to transform dry facts into exciting movies. News coverage can be generated for stories where live recordings are not available.

Good story creation is not always complicated

WorldMapper generates impressive images which fascinates every viewer in a way that he has the feeling of being there live. Nevertheless, the making of such sequences is easy. Tracks and routes in form of flights or trips are visualized clearly due to many different ways of object animation. The magnifying glass brings high reso¬lution street level maps and impressive 45° Birds Eye images into the focus of the viewer without leaving the overview position of the map. The Mini Map locator always keeps the overview even when the visualization dives deep into the map. Already used location data can be stored in a bookmark library and found in an easy way once you want to use it at a later stage again.

WorldMapper Key Features

  • Impressive maps from Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Maps resolution down to street level for all of the World
  • Seamless integration of 45° Birds Eye images
  • Magnifier object to accentuate interesting map areas
  • Mini Map locator to keep track of the map overview
  • Attractive coverage even if no recordings are available
  • Simple handling of the application
  • Low costs in acquisition and operation services
  • Supports HD, video or image outputs
  • Ideal for post production

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