As more radio stations are broadcasting over the Internet and DTT channels to increase their audience and advertising revenues, Orad has developed a complete solution which visualizes radio programing by broadcasting the radio talent, real time 3D graphics, and promos as a multi camera production. RadioTV is completely automated and relies on unique audio detection software to identify the talent’s voice and determine which camera should be on air. Camera switching does not require human intervention and the existing workflow is maintained without any additional costs. RadioTV offers a complete set of 3D graphic templates including supers, titles, logos, promos and other elements and supports the playback of full frame videos, opening new revenue streams from advertising and sponsorships.

 RadioTV Presentation


Single user interface

With RadioTV, both the video and the graphic channels are controlled from the same user interface and by the same operator.  Items can be executed either manually, from GPI or by the radio automation system. 

Automated camera switching

RadioTV is completely automated and relies on unique audio switcher software which executes camera cuts automatically. The software identifies the radio talent’s voice and determines which camera should be on air along with the relevant graphics.  The “Audio Switcher” application identifies which microphone is on air and releases a command to the internal video controller to cut to the relevant camera. Smart logic can define when to cut to each camera, what to do in situations of silence in the studio and if several people are talking simultaneously. Different logic can be applied to different shows, depending on their specific requirements. RadioTV’s embedded logic eliminates the need for a video switcher and a dedicated operator, resulting in a simple set up and low operational costs. 

TV quality productions

RadioTV supports multi camera productions in both HD and SD resolutions, providing the rich quality of TV broadcasting.  RadioTV provides genlocked clean cuts and high quality video play out.

Integration to all relevant radio automation systems

RadioTV is integrated with commonly used radio automation systems, scheduling systems and supports all common protocols. Most of the automation systems can contain playlists, video clips and more, and can be triggered by RadioTV.

Robust hardware

RadioTV is based on Orad’s HDVG platform providing maximum performance and reliability. RadioTV is a fully redundant solution and includes hot swappable power supplies, mechanical and software bypass, and RAID configuration for both system disks and storage.  RadioTV supports HD/SD SDI video insertions.

3D graphic templates

RadioTV comes with a set of ready-made graphic templates, including supers, titles, logos, promos and other graphic elements. RadioTV also offers tools to create templates. RadioTV’s graphic sets are controlled by Orad’s controllers, ensuring a large variety of options for graphic creation.

New revenue streams

RadioTV offers potential new revenue sources by inserting promos and advertising to the broadcast, resulting in additional revenue without additional expense.  Once a radio show is sponsored by an advertiser, the advertiser brand and logo can appear in the frame during the entire broadcast. RadioTV visualize the advertisement which gives better effect on the audience/viewers.