Realistic real time material shaders

Pump up your graphic effects with Orad’s new material shaders package

Orad’s new material shaders allow designers to realize real time realistic graphic effects that were not possible before. With up to 100 different styles of material, 3Designer users can enhance real time graphics with bricks, ceramics, glass, metallic, mosaics, plastics, stones and wood textures.

With the new material shaders, photorealistic surfaces can be created without investing time in texturing in external modelling applications.

For product placement and virtual advertising, the natural looking material also compliment models of real world products, further enhancing their realism.

Material shaders: bricks

Material shaders: ceramics

Material shaders: glass

Material shaders: metal

Material shaders: mosaic

Material shaders: plastic

Material shaders: stone

Material shaders: wood

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