Annual documents 2009

Annual document pursuant to Sec. 10 of the German Securities Prospectus Act (WpPG) - 2009


Announcement of 26.01.2009
Announcement of 23.02.2009
Announcement of 04.03.2009
Announcement of 06.04.2009
Announcement of 29.05.2009
Announcement of 17.08.2009
Announcement of 08.09.2009
Announcement of 09.11.2009
Announcement of 30.11.2009


Annual General Shareholders' Meeting 2009 [Invitation]

Minutes of the AGM 2009

Financial statements for fiscal 2008


Interim reports:

Report on the first quarter of fiscal 2009
Report on the first half of fiscal 2009
Report on the third quarter of fiscal 2009

Corporate Calendar:

Corporate calendar on fiscal 2009

February 2009  Press release of Q4/2008 financial reports and for year's end 2008

May 2009  Press release of Q1/ 2009 financial reports

August 2009  Press release of Q2/ 2009 financial reports

November 2009 Press release of Q3/ 2009 financial reports

November 2009 Investor and Analyst Conference: Frankfurt Capital forum,

November 2009 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders